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#996 ALREADY ADOPTED - Free State Bloemfontein - Adopt a male Yorkie Wolle & Mieks

Free State, Bloemfontein ALREADY ADOPTED Wolle & Mieks Two male Yorkshire Terriers - 7 years old -  that get on well with other dogs and also with cats. They are also fine with children. They boy e njoy being spoiled with snacks and treats. Wolle Very loveable, but does not want to be put in a tight spot and does not like to be hugged. Preferably not suitable for toddlers. He is very protective of the person he attaches himself to and loves to give kisses.  Enjoys a good tummy rub.  ~~~ 🐾🐾🐾 Mieks Is a soft natured Yorkie boy. He i s a very loveable sweetheart and enjoys being held and cuddled. He loves attention  love to he scratched on his tummy.  He is also very protective of his human.  Although both Yorkie males are protective, they quickly mellow out to accept new friends. Both Yorkies are housetrained, however they are typical Yorkies, they don't like to get their feet wet when it rains. They have been around a swimming pool, although they do not enjoy swimming. They